Cypress Pointe Estates Improvement Association

Keeping Cypress Pointe Estates Beautiful

What is a Community Improvement Association? The CPEIA is a group of volunteers that manage the common grounds of the community to compensate for the lack of Managed Grounds that a Home Owners Association would maintain. Typically when a community does not have a managed Home Owners Association, you usually will not see "flower beds" / monuments at community entrances and the city and / or state would be responsible for mowing common areas (sidewalks and medians). The major downside to this is that the city is not going to maintain the flowerbeds with plants, flowers, and since the city typically only mows these areas once a month or as need, for about 3 weeks of the month the grass will be overgrown and unpleasant.

Several years ago the CPEIA was formed as a solution to the minimum maintenance offered by the city to ensure that the grounds are well kept and that the community is desirable year round. The CPEIA depends on monetary donations from the residents of Cypress Pointe Estates and volunteer labor. Unlike restrictive HOA's this non-profit volunteer organization main purpose is to maintain the "common" grounds and to make improvements when necessary at about 1/10th of the traditional HOA membership dues.

If you would like to find out how you can help either financially or by volunteering please visit the Fundraising and Volunteer section of this website.